Monday, June 1, 2009

Long Time No see

Yes I know , i have been away for the last couple of months , i am sorry about that but i was busy , well actually my mom was busy , any way it is summer time now , but we still have a spring lovely weather not that hot , it is between 15 to 20 degree but no more than that , even sometimes it is 12 degree , but when it is sunny the weather is beautiful so i started to go to the play ground and play play and play , and there are many kids over there of different ages and nationalities i made friends from Korea and Vietnam , but i love to play in the slides and the swing alone , i love to go to the play ground , and i sometimes take my sands toys and i play with the sands i love to share my toys with other kids , but some times some kids do not want me to play with their toys but i do not care as long as i have mine , i love playing with my ball too , i love to play with younger kids more than the older , because the older kids sometimes become tough . well these some of my pictures while i am in my favourite play ground and i promise you that i will be posting more over , Enjoy the summer every body .