Monday, October 27, 2008

My Best Friend

I would like to introduce you to my friend BABYSHKA
the first time i saw Babysheka he was in my Aunt's bed
well that means he belongs to my Aunt but when my eyes saw him I loved him so much
and i took him and i made him my best Friend
He was named BABYSHEKA by my Aunt, so i kept his name
i take him everywhere i go and impossible that i sleep without him
i even also try to take him outside with me but Mommy does not let me
she said that i may lose him
so after thinking i decided not to take him outside with me just in the emergency
like when I be in a bad mode so mommy let me take him with me
I do not know why i loved him specially but when i saw him
i knew he is my Best Friend
here where i was sleeping with him in Libya in the first picture
and in the second and third picture this is my room in Canada
and here i am when i wake up from sleep
Me sleeping with Babysheka
Me holding Babyshika when i woke up

me when i wake up from a beautiful sleep

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Birthday

My Birthday
My Birthday was on the 12Th of October but we did it on the 14Th of October
now i am one year old , i think i am kind of a big girl ...
i still do not walk by my self i just walk with the support of my mommy and dad
my Birthday was lovely and happy i got too many gifts
i got these Birthday cups which i loved played with
my mom and dad bought me a small chocolate cake it was lovely
mommy did not let me eat from it as i want because she said she does not want me to eat chocolate i do not why because chocolate is yummy ....
well this is my first Birthday

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me In London

Hello every Body , i would like to show you some pictures of me in London , i went there with mommy to meet dad in London and we stayed for 5 beautiful days . I loved London it is a beautiful city , an active one which i like because i love to see too many people , i saw the Big Ben and i have a beautiful picture with it , we went to the Buckingham Palace and we had a nice walk in Hyde Park , i even went to Madam Tussuad where i saw many people there i did not know if they are real or not , they are really looked real like mom and dad. And the best place i went is the Hamleys i wanted to touch every thing and i wanted to take everything daddy bought for me beautiful toys from there i wish that i will go back again to Hamleys another time , well every thing was beautiful and good but i miss my grandpa and grandma and my aunts i do not know but i think we went to another place away from them , because i do not see them any more but i am sure i will see them soon because i think they miss me already and they love me so much so that they can not be away from me for a long time

me with the phone booth
yes me infront the Big Ben
Here me in a good resturant
what a beautiful view
enjoying the beautiful day

In Hamleys

Julia Robert and Me

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bye Bye Libya

As it happens in life everything must have an end, and especially good time spent with dear ones. Here I’m leaving again with Mom to meet Dad in London and then back again to Toronto. Unforunetly, not all my dear ones are in One Place!
Bye Bye Libya now and .. et a Bientot .. dear ones, I love you all.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello everybody!

My name is Leen. I'm a little girl, almost one year old. I'm Canadian-born and Libyan in origin. This summer was very wonderful for me and my mother. We stayed in Libya with my grandparents. We had lots of fun. We went to the beach several times and during Ramadan month I didn't go to bed early, but stayed late joining the family for more fun. I like Libya, a child can do what he wants, that's fun. My grandmother lets me climb the stairs alone, and my grandfather lets me play with his laptop. In the Eid, we went to Cyrene in the mountains, and I enjoyed the drive. Soon , I'll fly away with my mother and Dad will meet us in London where we will stay for few days before going back to Toronto. Below are some pictures of me in Libya.
At the lovely beach

With Sofian my cousin, he cries a lot!

My morning exercise

Having lunch and talking!

Writing my first post!

Wearing Eid costume

At Cyrene