Saturday, January 31, 2009

In the Night Garden

In the Night Garden is one of my favorite show , it comes every day at Treehouse channel at 7:30 pm , it is the 30 min before sleep because i sleep every day at 8pm , so when In the night garden comes i know that time of sleeping is soon and the warm milk will be soon too , i love Upsay Daisy character in the show and Iggle Piggle too , they are so lovely and good friend and they do talk like me ( BABY TALK ) these 30 min i stay calm in front the TV enjoying the show then mummy comes with the warm milk so i drink it and i go to sleep after long lovely day , my Mummy bought me Iggle Piggle , he dances and plays with me , he has his special red blanket like i have my special friend BABYSHKA , we do have things in common so he became my second best friend .

watching my best TV show In th Night Garden

Playing with my second best friend Iglle Piggle

Friday, January 30, 2009

Good to be small in size

Hell0 every one
you know what ?
it is good to be small in size , you can do many different things that
big size people can not
I am trying to enjoy my small size because Mummy told me i will grow up
so i am trying to do what ever i can do with my small size
here some pics of my adventure of being small in size


You can get into small places , you can not right !!

and you even can close the door on your self if you want ?

and you can sit in special places like i do with my friend Babysheka

and you can get under the table , i do that and play with the DVD player
You can sit on the dish washer door and play
i do that when my mummy cook so i can be near her

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My good Chair

My good chair , This blue chair mommy bought it to me when i was around 2 months , and i was laying and sleeping on it , and i do use it until now while i am 15 months , now i go to sit on it by my self , i do watch TV while i am sitting on it , and sometime i fall in sleep in it , it is a good chair , and did you see my best friend Babyshka is with me in the last 3 pics , of course he was not with me in the firsts pics . any way i love this chair and i hope it Will hold me for a long time because i am really comfortable in it .

watching TV with my friend

sleeping in my chair

relaxing and watching TV

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 IN 1

Hello every body , do you remember one of my last post it's title was 2In 1 , about walking and eating and cooking and walking ,however the last couple of days i discovered something cool , that day i missed my nap i did not want to take it as usual , so when mommy served the lunch to me which was chicken fingers i was exhausted so i ate a couple of bite and then i felt in sleep in my high chair , and it was a nice nap , then mommy took me to my bed i did not even wake up , when i woke up i found my self in my bed and hungry because i did not finish my lunch so i finished my lunch after my sweet nap .... so this is about 2 In 1 .......EATING AND SLEEPING ......LOL

Monday, January 12, 2009

Long time no see ...LOL

Hello every body
long time no see
well my mommy had cold and i was taking care of her well kind of ...LOL
do you believe that 12 days had gone from 2009 !!!
ahh Happy New Year by the way ...LOL
and by the way today i am 15 months
i am a big girl now
but i still do not talk
well i am comfortable with the baby language ...LOL
these some pics of me
funny pics
enjoy them

me when i wake up from a lovely sleep

OOPS they got me while i was playing with mommy's hand bag

sleeping Beauty

drinking my milk while watching TV

mom says this is the usual way i sleep ...LOL