Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A storm

Last Friday we had a serious storm
snow and wind and the visibility was almost zero
so mommy and me staid home that day
and we had fun watching the storm from a warm place

In my warm pyjama In my warm house


libyan said...

You are more than right. The best thing in such a storm is to sit inside and enjoy family time.
Unluckily we had to drive through one of these storms and it was more than crazy. The strom reached us at sunday, we wished to stay at home.

Gheriani said...

Will you trade Lona, your snow storm with some sand storm? Take care, dear.

oummLeen said...

dear grandpa , ohh yes it looked like the red sand storm u had but ours is white , and yes good for me that i trade for the white storm at least it does not make mess in the house ,....lol...
dear libyan thank u for your post and i wish you the best of luck with the becoming couple of months the worst months as you know .... happy holiday