Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 IN 1

Hello every body , do you remember one of my last post it's title was 2In 1 , about walking and eating and cooking and walking ,however the last couple of days i discovered something cool , that day i missed my nap i did not want to take it as usual , so when mommy served the lunch to me which was chicken fingers i was exhausted so i ate a couple of bite and then i felt in sleep in my high chair , and it was a nice nap , then mommy took me to my bed i did not even wake up , when i woke up i found my self in my bed and hungry because i did not finish my lunch so i finished my lunch after my sweet nap .... so this is about 2 In 1 .......EATING AND SLEEPING ......LOL


Nasimlibya said...

allah so cut baby

um i think it's sweetest thing in the world when u see baby sleep

Allah bless your baby

oummLeen said...

hii nasimlibya thankyou so much for your comment and sleeping is a good thing too care

may said...

مدونة حلوة والصور اروع واحلام سعيدة

Gheriani said...

Eat Lona eat, never miss a meal!

heba said...

wara lovely Baby
Rabi yahfodhalek