Monday, October 27, 2008

My Best Friend

I would like to introduce you to my friend BABYSHKA
the first time i saw Babysheka he was in my Aunt's bed
well that means he belongs to my Aunt but when my eyes saw him I loved him so much
and i took him and i made him my best Friend
He was named BABYSHEKA by my Aunt, so i kept his name
i take him everywhere i go and impossible that i sleep without him
i even also try to take him outside with me but Mommy does not let me
she said that i may lose him
so after thinking i decided not to take him outside with me just in the emergency
like when I be in a bad mode so mommy let me take him with me
I do not know why i loved him specially but when i saw him
i knew he is my Best Friend
here where i was sleeping with him in Libya in the first picture
and in the second and third picture this is my room in Canada
and here i am when i wake up from sleep
Me sleeping with Babysheka
Me holding Babyshika when i woke up

me when i wake up from a beautiful sleep