Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me In London

Hello every Body , i would like to show you some pictures of me in London , i went there with mommy to meet dad in London and we stayed for 5 beautiful days . I loved London it is a beautiful city , an active one which i like because i love to see too many people , i saw the Big Ben and i have a beautiful picture with it , we went to the Buckingham Palace and we had a nice walk in Hyde Park , i even went to Madam Tussuad where i saw many people there i did not know if they are real or not , they are really looked real like mom and dad. And the best place i went is the Hamleys i wanted to touch every thing and i wanted to take everything daddy bought for me beautiful toys from there i wish that i will go back again to Hamleys another time , well every thing was beautiful and good but i miss my grandpa and grandma and my aunts i do not know but i think we went to another place away from them , because i do not see them any more but i am sure i will see them soon because i think they miss me already and they love me so much so that they can not be away from me for a long time

me with the phone booth
yes me infront the Big Ben
Here me in a good resturant
what a beautiful view
enjoying the beautiful day

In Hamleys

Julia Robert and Me


Gheriani said...

Wonderful, thanks Petite Leen.