Friday, January 30, 2009

Good to be small in size

Hell0 every one
you know what ?
it is good to be small in size , you can do many different things that
big size people can not
I am trying to enjoy my small size because Mummy told me i will grow up
so i am trying to do what ever i can do with my small size
here some pics of my adventure of being small in size


You can get into small places , you can not right !!

and you even can close the door on your self if you want ?

and you can sit in special places like i do with my friend Babysheka

and you can get under the table , i do that and play with the DVD player
You can sit on the dish washer door and play
i do that when my mummy cook so i can be near her


may said...





oummLeen said...


Nasimlibya said...

ya really good 2be small in size

when i was like u i was hide myself
under my bed and mummy try 2 find me

ohhhhhh along time ya thats happen when i was baby like u

u live golden days now so enjoy

bye cut , sweet , honey baby

Rose Bud said...

Mashallah! She is so beautiful!