Friday, March 13, 2009

I am Back

Hello every body
yes i am back
actually i am back for 8 days ago
thx to my grandpa who wrote me a message
and asked about me and why i am away from the
i had good 12 lovely days in Libya
i saw my mom's side family who i staid with in the last summer
over there i enjoyed the stairs that they have
i went up and down the stairs many times,i asked the nearest one to help me and hod my hand
and i went up and down the stairs again and again and again .......
i saw my nephew Sofian he is older now
he loughs and make funny noise , i am still older than him he is so cute i love him
i saw my dad's family too
i had good times in both houses but some times i got so confused of many people i see
because i used to be with mom and dad only
the weather in the first day was winter and cold but in the last couple of days was really hot
in general i had a good time and i loved my trip to Libya and i can not wait to the summer so my grandparents who will come to visit me
i will show them around and show them my room and my toys .....
Playing a game called ABI ABI with grandpa

the stairs that i love

my Gendeel for the mailoid

eating Libyan food

me and my cousin Sofian


NuNa said...

Salam sweety
really i missed u n ur blog. i was n it at 10:00 to if u wrote something or no, but nw i found ur blog with ur nice time in Libya

Gheriani said...

Welcome back to NetLand.

Nasimlibya said...

welcome back we miss u so much cute baby :)

libyan said...

Welcome back little cuty. I hope that you had lots of fun with your family.
At least it is not so cold here anymore so you can make some rounds in the park or the playground. Enjoy the spring time lots of things to do.