Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yes I did It

Yes you can congrat me for I did walk my first steps on the 31st of October
well, i will tell you the story
the day before, mommy took me to the mall to buy few warm cloths for me as the winter here just started
and after that she took me out of the stroller (push chair ) and she held my hand and she helped me to walk and we walked about 15 minutes and I really did enjoy it
and while we were walking I saw another baby she looked smaller in size than me and she was walking all by her self and even running
so i decided to do it too ,
and when we went back home , i did practice by my self
and the day after i did walk all by my self
yes mom and dad were shocked that i did it only in one night
but well seems one of my personality when i decide to do some thing
i work hard to do it
and by the way walking is really cool
you reach what you want to reach faster
so i really DO recommended it to all the Babies
these are some of my pics of me walking
that day we went to the York dale Mall and dad bought me a toy from Disney store i love it so much
enjoy my pictures


Gheriani said...

Lovely, just lovely, alaaf mabrouk, now that you walk, make sure that you know where you put your steps!

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

1000 MABROOOOOOOOOOK NONTEEEEEE , I am sooo happy for u , wow , your first steps , that is so cool !!
I realy wish that I was there to see u , u look so cute ! kisses my sweet nona !

oummLeen said...

dear Gheriani and besheshentra , thank you so much ofr you cute commetne , and yes grandpa i will try to know where to put my steps well i do not know because i am always in a harry .....hahahaha ... love and kisses to both of u ..

Anonymous said...

Daisy duck gives you wings !!! Bravo little Leenounette !

Anglo-Libyan said...

bravo ya Leen :o)
you are so pretty, mashaAllah 3alaik, big hug :o)

oummLeen said...

dear catoch thank u so much for ur lovely cute comment , i wish u will pass by all the time , and dear anglo thank u for ur comment and passing by did u see now i am a big girl who walk

Benghazi Citizen said...

i know i'm late...But ,,WOW..That's just soooo sweet..
Congratulation little Leen...
It seems that you became an instant expert in walking..i may take ur advice regarding this...
Regards to u ,mom ,and dad