Monday, November 17, 2008

Niagara on the Lake

On the November 8Th i went with Dad and mom to the Niagara on the lake
it is a very small historical town
very beautiful
it is about 15km from Niagara falls
we had good time there
mom took me these pictures
it was cold there
even here in Toronto now started below 0
i met the girl in the last pic
her name is Jacky
she is older than me by a year and a half
she tried to play with me but every time i talk (baby talk )
she laughs on me
so i decided to play alone
enjoy the pictures


libyan said...

I have passed by your blog before. Mashalla your little girl is soo cute, and i love the name that you have chosen. May God protect her.

Gheriani said...

It looks like Leen likes the Fall Foliage, lovely.

oummLeen said...

dear libyan thank u for passing by and for your lovely comment ,
dear grandpa yes i do like the fall folige miss you