Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome Winter

Yes the winter has really started in Toronto
mommy told me that the temperature now around -5 to -10 C
i did not really understand it but when i went out
i felt it in my face the cold freezing air Breeeeeeeeee
it is funny feeling , you feel the air you breath it inside your nose is freezing
today when we went out mom showed me something white
she told me it is the snow
i could not touch it because i got afraid of it
but may be another time i will try to touch it
well mommy told me i have time to touch it another time because the winter in Toronto
stays for about 4 months
may be another time i will have the courage to touch it and may be play with it
but in the first time i could not
well enjoy the pics of me feeling the cold
and me watching the snow



Gheriani said...

Enjoy and take care.

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

It is the first time u see the snow our little Nona , and I can see how u like it , Enjoy the snow sweet heart , U look so cute in the snow Nona , we all love u and miss u .