Saturday, January 31, 2009

In the Night Garden

In the Night Garden is one of my favorite show , it comes every day at Treehouse channel at 7:30 pm , it is the 30 min before sleep because i sleep every day at 8pm , so when In the night garden comes i know that time of sleeping is soon and the warm milk will be soon too , i love Upsay Daisy character in the show and Iggle Piggle too , they are so lovely and good friend and they do talk like me ( BABY TALK ) these 30 min i stay calm in front the TV enjoying the show then mummy comes with the warm milk so i drink it and i go to sleep after long lovely day , my Mummy bought me Iggle Piggle , he dances and plays with me , he has his special red blanket like i have my special friend BABYSHKA , we do have things in common so he became my second best friend .

watching my best TV show In th Night Garden

Playing with my second best friend Iglle Piggle


may said...




فكرنى هذا البرنامج ببرنامج التليتابيس جميل جدا

يعجبنى هذا المكان


Nasimlibya said...




oummLeen said...

hii may thx for your comment but i did not get it by ( may the first one )
and nasimlibya thanku for the comment but what did u mean by second comment ....????

نهــــــــــار said...

أحبك مشاهدة هذا الكرتون أنا أيضا جدا جميا بالعربي..
الدمى المضحكه
كلهم حلوين
في حفظ الله